yu yu hakusho caps

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This blog features a variety of different screencaps (some edited and some are not) from the classic anime show, Yu Yu Hakusho! Most of our screencaps are in great quality. If you are looking for a particular cap of a character please check out tags list! We hope you enjoy browsing around!
Please DO NOT repost our screencaps!

What type of effects do you use?

I don’t use a lot of effects on the caps but you could try experimenting on photoshop with brightness and contrast, levels, saturation and blend modes (:

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is it ok i use your caps for editing

they are already edited but sure you can i don’t really mind.

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Wow I can’t believe this blog got up to 700 followers! Thank you guys for following. I’m so sorry that I haven’t been around to post any new screencaps. Been busy with a lot of things. but for now I’m looking for people who would like to co-own this blog and post some yyh screencaps! (:

Just let me know if your interested! I would actually need your email address so you could contribute to this blog because from tumblr you will receive an email with instructions to join this blog and gain access to post screenshots.

Thank you!

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Just wanted to say THANK YOU. I love your blog and I appreciate it

aww thank you dear! <3 even though I don’t update this blog much anymore thank you for your message! <3

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If I credit can I use the caps to make icons?

sure (: I have no problem with that

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Thank you very much :D

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